ISTA 2A Home Depot Package Testing

Home Depot requires all suppliers to have their product packaging ISTA 2A series tested for shipping compliance. ISTA stands for International Safe Transit Authority. As an ISTA-certified test lab, Keystone Package Testing assists companies with meeting this requirement.

Without having a certified package, Home Depot requires the use of an outer carton. Outer cartons add significant material and shipping costs. They also require additional labor. Our objective is to assist companies with meeting the ISTA 2A Home Depot requirements.

It is important to remove the need for an outer carton. To do this, we provide guidance throughout the entire test program. Our consultative approach differentiates us.

Our large lab provides testing capacity. This keeps our lead teams on scheduling short. We also provide thorough and accurate reports soon after testing has completed. Our pricing is extremely competitive and we offer volume discounts.

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The following sections provide more details on ISTA 2A package testing.

ISTA 2A series package testing is designed for packages that weigh 150 pounds or less. The one exception is individual packaged-products on a visible skid or pallet that weigh more than 100 pounds. These packages can be tested to ISTA 2B or ISTA 3E.

When creating an ISTA 2A test program, the shipper must define several factors. First, what is damage? Second, what damage is permitted? Third, how is the product condition determined? Lastly, what is an acceptable package condition?

ISTA 2A Test Sequence

Products to be sold through Home Depot dropship must undergo a rigorous package test program. The package is preconditioned at ambient temperatures. The package is then temperature and humidity conditioned per a chart.

After conditioning, the package undergoes compression testing. Following compression is a series of vibration testing. These vibration tests include either fixed displacement vibration or random vibration.

Shock testing is next. There are three choices of testing. First, is drop testing. The second is inclined impact. The third shock testing option is horizontal impact testing. Following this shock testing is another round of vibration testing.

Home Depot’s shipping requirements apply to all suppliers who sell products on Participation in the direct fulfillment program requires all suppliers use ISTA 2A certified packages.

As previously mentioned, packages that do not achieve ISTA 2A compliance, must be over boxed in an outer carton. Home Depot provides guidance on materials that can be used for packaging.

Examples of Acceptable Cushioning

Peanuts can be used for lightweight items. Peanuts are not permitted for products over 70 pounds. Peanuts should not be used for dense, heavy or flat items. When used, peanuts should provide at least three inches of cushion around the product.

Bubble wrap, air bags, foam sheeting foam, kraft paper and corrugated board can all be used. Fragile products should be packed with just corrugated board. Kraft paper can be used for light and medium weight products.

Examples of Sealing Cartons

Staples should be used in cartons holding over 70 pounds. Staples should be placed no more than 2.5 inches apart. Tape can be used on almost any package. However, the type of tape matters.

To seal cartons, there are three permitted choices. First, is plastic pressure sensitive tap. Second, is water-activated tape. Lastly, is reinforced Kraft paper tape. Home Depot recommends the H-taping method. This applies to the top and bottom of the carton.

Strapping is the best option for products shipped LTL, TL and white glove. The strapping must wrap around all sides of the package.

Achieving Home Depot’s Requirements

In summary, Home Depot carton certification is crucial to all suppliers. By using ISTA certified packaging, suppliers save considerable amounts of time and money. Partner with Keystone Package Testing to expedite the process.

Our certified engineers and technicians know the ISTA standards. We apply the appropriate testing and work together to achieve the documentation you need. Our test reports are recognized by ISTA and in-turn accepted by Home Depot.

To get started, request a quote or contact us. We look forward to helping you the same way we have helped thousands of other companies.