Package testing can sometimes be industry-dependent. Certain industries may have specific compliance standards depending on the nature of packaging required. The packaging needs vary between industries due to the distribution channel and product itself. Perhaps you have a product that overlaps industries. In that case, it is important to check all the standards that may apply to your industries.

For pharmaceutical and food products, cold chain packaging may be required. This type of packaging is intended to keep the product in a temperature-controlled environment throughout distribution. There are separate testing procedures that pertain to cold chain packaging.

Similarly, many medical devices must be shipped via sterilized packaging. There are other tests that are specific to maintaining sterility when exposed to stresses of a distribution channel.

Even the eCommerce industry is beginning to set regulations for package testing. For example, Amazon has partnered with ISTA to develop a series of tests that are specific to the Amazon distribution channel. Effective, August 1, 2019, all Amazon vendors and distributors must be certified or they face a $1.99 per unit chargeback. With new regulations and industry-specific packaging, it is important to have the correct certifications.

We have put our most common package testing standards into 5 industry categories. Please visit the pages below to learn more about the industry-specific package testing services we offer.

  • Consumer Products
    • Store-bought products designed for the end-user; may include food and cold chain packaging.
  • eCommerce
    • Products sold online through internet retailers such as
  • Medical Devices
    • Devices used in the healthcare industry that may require sterilized packaging.
  • Pharmaceuticals
    • Packaging for medicines, some may require thermal or cold chain packaging.
  • Industrial Products
    • Products designed for use in an industrial setting; may be of substantial size and weight.

Keystone Provides Expert Package Testing for Any Industry

If you have questions pertaining to the industry standards please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our package testing engineers are trained to help you determine the best testing plan for your package and industry. As a fully accredited laboratory, we deliver accurate tests and reports. Our reports are globally accepted.

At Keystone, regardless of your industry, you will work with real people who communicate throughout the process. In our industry, over-testing can be a problem. The testing facility will recommend or accept jobs for tests that are not necessary. At Keystone, we do not over-test. Our engineers are up to date on exemptions and work with you to develop the right testing plan.

Keystone Package Testing is quickly becoming an industry leader in package testing. Our facility, capabilities, integrity, pricing, and reports have set us apart as a package testing laboratory. Learn more about our company advantages here. We take pride in our exceptional testing service.

Our testing engineers are qualified, experienced, and prepared to help you throughout the package testing process. We look forward to helping you experience the many benefits associated with package testing.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via our contact us page or by calling (724) 657-9940. If you already know what testing you need, let us know how we can help by requesting a quote.