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Summary of Industrial Product Package Testing

Industrial Products are those intended for business or commercial use. Sometimes, these products can be large in size and weight. It is important to maintain the integrity of these products throughout the distribution process. The products will often experience a variety of stresses throughout transportation and they should be packaged accordingly.

Oftentimes, companies order industrial products to further their own business operations. They expect the product to arrive in a timely manner and be ready to be put into operation when it arrives. Qualified and experienced in testing large shipping containers and palletized loads, Keystone can help ensure that the product will reach its destination safely.

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Why is Industrial Product Packaging Important?

Shipping is one of the steps in the distribution process that will cause the most stress on an industrial product. For example, if the product is shipped via ocean freight, it is more likely to be exposed to moisture, salt, and in some cases even drops and shifting inside the cargo hold. For this type of shipping, it is important that the packaging can withstand changes in humidity using conditioning testing such as ASTM D4169. Railway shipping subjects products to vibrations and bumps along the tracks. The packaging should be tested for its ability to withstand vibrations.

Shipping via truck transportation will have many stresses. The truck can go through temperature variations. The packages inside the truck will experience impacts from bumps in the road and compression from other packages. Regardless of the shipping method, packaging should be tested to ensure that it will protect your product on the journey to the customer.

Expert Package Testing Laboratory

As an internationally accredited, ISTA-certified laboratory, Keystone has the experience and equipment to test the packaging of industrial products. Ready to get started? Contact us or request a quote for immediate communication and a free quote.

By simulating the stresses, both physical and climatic, we can help you assess package integrity when subjected to the stresses. This type of testing can be very useful in the package development process. By having testing done prior to mass production, identifying packaging weaknesses early in the process will save your company time and money.

The standards listed below are most commonly used for industrial products to ensure safety and integrity throughout the distribution process. This is not an exhaustive list of our package testing capabilities. If you are looking for a specific test that you do not see on this list, please search our site for that standard or request a quote.

Industrial product manufacturing and retailing companies partner with us for package testing because of our high-quality work. We take pride in being a full-service testing laboratory that delivers accurate testing and reports in a timely fashion.