Amazon SIOC Package Testing

Amazon Package Testing Standards

Amazon and ISTA have partnered to address specific aspects of the amazon distribution chain. They have developed package standards in the form of ISTA standards, referred to as ISTA 6 Amazon or ISTA 6 Testing. Our Amazon package testing and ISTA package testing knowledge allows us to make the certification process as simple and quick as possible.

Amazon has approved Keystone Package Testing to test and certify product packaging as Frustration Free Packaging (FFP), Ships-In-Own-Container (SIOC), or Prep-Free Packaging (PFP).  Keystone Package Testing is listed on the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier (APASS) Network and is also an ISTA certified lab.

We are able to complete any FFP testing, SIOC Amazon testing and PFP testing you might need.

Note: As of February 2024, SIOC (Ships in Own Container) to SIPP (Ships in Product Packaging). Information can be found below:

Expert Amazon Package Integrity Testing Facility is dedicated specifically to Amazon transit testing and has a free test type calculator that will recommend the best test type for your product. Each ISTA standard is an ISTA test type that outlines specific protocols that include amazon drop tests, inclined impact tests, rotational edge drop tests, temperature tests, vibration tests, and in some cases, tests for unitized loads.

To achieve ISTA 6 certification that your packages meeting the Amazon package test standards, complete the following steps:

  • Step 1: Complete the Keystone Package Testing Request a Quote Form.
  • Step 2: Review and approve the quote.
  • Step 3: Submit the necessary product samples to Keystone Package Testing.
  • Step 4: Keystone Package Testing, an ISTA lab, will conduct the appropriate Amazon packaging tests:
  • The products must meet all requirements for the corresponding ISTA protocol standards listed in the Packaging Certification Guidelines.
  • The products must pass the appropriate International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) test:
    • 6 Amazon SIOC test (Tier 1 or Tier 2)
    • 6 Amazon Overbox (Tier 3)
  • Step 5: Receive the Amazon packaging testing standard lab report from Keystone Package Testing.
  • Step 6: Go to the Amazon Vendor Central webpage and complete the Amazon Packaging Certification forms. The Amazon lab report received from Keystone Package Testing can be uploaded to the form to expedite the approval process.
  • Step 7: Await the verification from Amazon that your products have passed the certification testing process and have become certified. Verification is communicated on the Packaging Certification Dashboard of the Amazon Vendor Center.