ISTA 6 Amazon SIPP Package Testing

Amazon SIPP (Ships in Product Packaging) Testing Overview for E-Commerce

SIPP (Ships in Product Packaging) represents a strategic initiative designed to enhance the durability and resilience of products during their journey from the supplier, through the online marketplace, and ultimately to the customer’s doorstep.

This methodology leverages the original product packaging as the primary shipping container. The aim here is to minimize unnecessary packaging materials, thereby promoting a more eco-friendly approach to e-commerce shipping.

The SIPP protocol is segmented into eight distinct standards, each meticulously crafted to accommodate varying attributes of products such as their weight, dimensions, and method of shipment.

Below is an elaboration on each of these standards, highlighting the unique criteria they encompass:

Type A – For parcel delivery of individual packaged-products weighing less than 50 lb. (23 kg).

Type B – For parcel delivery of individual packaged-products weighing between 50 lb. (23 kg) and less than 100 lb. (43 kg).

Type C – For parcel delivery of packaged-products weighing 100 lb. (43 kg) or more.

Type D – For LTL (Less Than Truckload) delivery of individual packaged-products weighing less than 100 lb. (43 kg).

Type E – For LTL delivery of individual packaged-products weighing 100 lb. (43 kg) or more.

Type F – For LTL delivery of individual palletized packaged-products.

Type G – For parcel delivery of individually packaged TVs and monitors that weigh less than 150 pounds

Type H – For LTL Delivery of Individual Packaged TV/Monitor Greater Than 150 pounds (68 kg) or Greater Than 165 inches

Online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms advocate for the adoption of these SIPP standards by sellers to improve the integrity of product packaging. This initiative significantly reduces the chances of product damage and returns, leading to greater consumer satisfaction.

Expert SIPP Testing Laboratory Services

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