ASTM D6654 Storage Stability of a Mechanical Pump Dispenser

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Summary of ASTM Mechanical Pump Dispenser Package Testing

ASTM D6654 covers the determination of the basic storage stability of a mechanical pump dispenser affixed to a product when it is stored in different environmental atmospheres.

This test applies to products that are intended to be used by the consumer. These types of products include: personal care, household, insecticides, food, automotive, and institutional nature. Please note that pharmaceutical and cosmetic products (perfume) are not covered under ASTM D6654.

Scope of ASTM D6654 Mechanical Pump Package Testing

The following apparatus are required in order to maintain specific environmental atmospheres for testing:

  • Containers- The containers must be able to hold the product at various environmental conditions for a period of time predetermined. The mechanical pump dispensers will also be affixed to the containers.
  • Product- The appropriate number of products will be required to fill the containers.
  • Balance- A top loading or analytical style balance with direct reading to 0.01g is recommended.
  • Environments- The mechanical pump dispenser and product will be kept in specific environments during testing
  • Ambient Area- maintained at 23 +/- 3°C (73 +/- 5.4°F)
  • Oven (45°C)- maintained at 45 +/- 3°C (113 +/- 5.4°F)
  • Cycle Chamber (optional)- alternating 5 to 50°C (41 to 122°F) every 24 hours
  • Oven Safe Tray- absorbent paper towels laid out
  • Food Coloring or Dye (optional)

Test Specimen Requirements:

  • Clean, dry, unused mechanical pump dispensers
  • Conditioned prior to testing at 23 +/- 3°C (73 +/- 5.4°F) for no less than 4 hours
  • Assemble test pumps at least 24 hours in advance of testing
  • Minimum of twelve (12) unprimed mechanical pump dispensers with product and containers to be used for testing
  • Label the units according to D6654 standard procedure

Significance of ASTM D6654 Package Testing

Each container should be filled with the desired amount of the product which should be an accurate representation of the amount intended for customer use. The optional food coloring or dye may be added to the product so that any leakage can be more easily identified.

At this point, the mechanical pump dispensers should be attached to the product container at the minimum recommended torque load. Weight and record the initial weight of each package. Place the test specimens in their designated environments according to their labels for storage. The mechanical pump dispensers should be stored without their protective devices (protective hood or overcap).

If the dispensers have locking features then they should be stored with the feature in the locked position. Once a week for the following four (4) weeks, the specimen should be removed from their environments. They should be removed in time to allow them to reach equilibrate ambient temperature which generally takes between 4-6 hours.

After they have reached the desired temperature, they should be inspected for leakage. After inspection, weight and record the new weight of each package. The laboratory will calculate gross weight loss and percentage weight loss of the package using the new weight and initial weight.

At the conclusion of the four (4) week test period, each unprimed mechanical pump dispenser will be evaluated on the following:

  • Final Weight Lost
  • Strokes to Prime
  • Output per Stroke

The specimen will be inspected and tested to evaluate if the spray or flow of the product is defective or impeded. Defective packages may require future examination. Finally, a report will detail the findings of each test throughout the four (4) weeks. The report will follow the guidelines established in ASTM D6654.

Expert ASTM D6654 Storage Stability Package Testing

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