ASTM 1886 Flexible Package Testing

ASTM F1886 Package Testing: Integrity Testing of Seals for Flexible Packaging

ASTM F1886 determines channels in the package seal by visual inspection. As an ISTA and ISO 17025 certified lab, we realize the importance of flexible package testing. Meeting the ASTM F1886 integrity compliance requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process.

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Summary of ASTM F1886 Integrity Testing of Channels

ASTM F1886 covers the determination of channels with a package seal down to a width of 75 μm. Furthermore, the compliance standard is appropriate for flexible packages or pouches with at least one transparent side. This is done so that engineers may clearly view the seal area.

The ability to detect channel defects in sealed and unsealed areas is highly dependent on the size of the channel. The degree of contrast between the sealed and unsealed channels and the type of adhesive between the two package layers are also dependent on detecting seals. Lastly, the types of materials used and the inspectors’ training level and experience can help detect leaks as well.

Why is ASTM F1886 Seal Testing Important?

Ensuring package integrity through ASTM F1886 testing mitigates the risk of product loss and liability for manufacturers. Faulty seals or packaging defects can lead to product spoilage, leakage, or damage during transportation or storage. By adhering to ASTM F1886, manufacturers can show their commitment to quality control and compliance with industry regulations. Ultimately, this avoids potential penalties and ensuring consumer safety.

ASTM F1886 Integrity of Seals Testing Procedures

ASTM F1886 provides a qualitative visual inspection to evaluate the appearance of unopened, intact seals. The first step in performing ASTM F1886 is to prepare the samples for testing. The samples should be representative of the packaging materials and design used in the actual product. The samples should also have at least one transparent side to allow for easy visual inspection.

Once the samples have been prepared, the next step is to visually inspect the seal for any defects. This will determine the presence of defects that may affect the integrity of the package.

Visual acuity is performed at a distance of 30 to 45 cm. Different package sizes and shapes may require different lengths of time to inspect the entire seal parameter.

Some packaging materials may fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Viewing the seal in a UV lightbox allows for a complete inspection. The location of where channels appear is identified and recorded.

Significance of ASTM F1886 Visual Inspection Package Testing

Seal attributes can be linked directly to a number of variables. These variables include process parameters, equipment or materials, as well as environments. Visual seal characteristics and defects can provide evidence of package integrity and sealing problems.

Visual seal defects will often be the first indication of heat sealing process variation. They will also indicate a lack of package integrity after physical package performance testing.

The results of this study are pass or fail. Therefore, the data is binomial with an expected average of np and an expected variance of npq. N is the number of samples. P is the probability of an incorrect evaluation. Q is the probability of a correct evaluation.

ASTM F1886 Integrity Package Testing Laboratory

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