ASTM D2825 Climatic Stress Testing

ASTM F2825 Climatic Stressing of Package Systems

ASTM F2825 climatic testing evaluates packages that experience extreme temperatures. As an ISTA and ISO 17025 certified lab, we realize the importance of ASTM F2825 testing. Meeting the ASTM climatic stress requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process.

Keystone provides the peace of mind that all of your needs will be met. We prepare comprehensive reports shortly after the completion of the testing. Lastly, Keystone Package testing is in constant communication throughout the test process.

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Summary of ASTM F2825 Climatic Stress Testing

ASTM F2825 testing provides a basis for gauging the ability of a packaging system to withstand a range of climatic stresses. This test standard is designed to provide guidance when establishing the climatic stresses imparted to package systems.

Climatic stressing of packaging systems for single parcel delivery is a package conditioning procedure. The ASTM F2825 integrity standard is designed for overnight or two-day delivery systems of a single parcel.

Products shipped through the distribution environment encounter various climatic and physical environments as they pass through different parts of the world at various times of the year. The test method is designed to provide guidance when establishing climatic stresses.

This ASTM F2825 testing procedure does not cover refrigerated, frozen food storage, or cryogenic storage conditions. Only the climatic environments met in various regions of the world are covered by this standard. Package test labs such as Keystone Package provide a method for conditioning packaging systems. This method involves using climatic conditions that occur in actual distribution.

The recommended exposure levels are based on available information. This can include shipping, handling, storage environments, current industry practices, and published studies. They are not absolute extremes but recorded daily averages in cold and hot climates of the world.

Scope of ASTM F 2825 Climatic Stress Laboratory Testing

The packaging system must be described in terms of size, weight, and materials of construction. Various modes and durations must be identified prior to starting the test. As well as the transport that will be used to store and distribute the products to customers. A test plan will be developed using the sequence, conditions, and exposure times.

Test specimens are recommended to consist of representative packaging systems, including actual contents or devices. Contents with blemishes or minor defects are used if the detective component is not to be studied. Contents will also be used if the defect is documented in the report. Simulated contents are also acceptable as long as they duplicate the load characteristics of the actual product.

Within this ASTM F2825 procedure, various modes and durations of transportation will be used to store and distribute the products to the customers. When used as a standalone test, predetermine the acceptance criteria. 

Lastly, a report is created encompassing the following information:

  • Location, time, and date of test
  • Test technician
  • Temperature, relative humidity, and time of exposure
  • Preconditioning atmosphere
  • Variations from the ASTM F2825
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Test results

Significance of ASTM F2825 Climatic Stress Integrity Testing

ASTM F2825 ensures the reliability and safety of products by subjecting them to a range of climatic conditions that they may encounter during their lifecycle. This testing helps identify potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the product’s design, materials, or manufacturing process that could lead to failure or performance issues under different climatic stressors.

Additionally, climatic stress integrity testing provides valuable data for product development and improvement. By exposing products to extreme temperatures, humidity, and other environmental factors, manufacturers can assess their performance limits and make necessary modifications to enhance their durability and functionality.

Expert ASTM F2825 Laboratory Compliance Package Testing

Keystone strives to give our customers more time and energy on product development instead of testing. We can accommodate flexible and rigid packages of all sizes, including large pallets. Keystone has a full lab of test equipment which permits us to provide short lead times on scheduling. 

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