IEC 60068-2-14 Temperature Testing

IEC 60068-2-14 Package Testing: Temperature Validation Testing

IEC 60068-2-14 determines the ability of components to withstand rapid changes to temperature. As an ISTA and ISO 17025 certified lab, we realize the importance of IEC 60068 testing. Meeting the IEC temperature requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process.

Keystone Package Testing offers competitive pricing and volume discounts. Our proven process helps avoid product launch delays. When packages do not meet the requirements, we assist with finding solutions.

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IEC 60068-2-14 Change of Temperature Testing

IEC 60068-2-14 testing, also called the change of temperature test, is intended to determine the ability of components, equipment, and other items to withstand a change of temperature or a succession of changes of temperature. The IEC 60068-2-14 test is not intended to show effects that are due only to high or low temperatures. Testing to those conditions is specified in the following related standards:

IEC 60068-2-14 testing is important because of how often rapid changes in temperature can occur. Events such as equipment being transported from warm indoor environments into cold open-air conditions or vice versa, equipment being suddenly cooled by rainfall or immersion in cold water, equipment being externally mounted airborne and under certain conditions of transportation and storage.

Components will undergo stresses due to changing temperature when high-temperature gradients build up in equipment after being switched on, e.g. in the neighborhood of high wattage resistors. Radiation can cause a rise in surface temperature in neighboring components while other portions are still cool. IEC-60068-2-14 specifies the number of effects from the testing including but not limited to:

  • Values of high and low conditioning temperature between which the change is to be affected.
  • The conditioning times for which the test specimen is kept at these temperatures.
  • The rate of change between these temperatures.
  • The number of cycles of conditioning.
  • The amount of heat transferred into or from the specimen.

Expert IEC Change in Temperature Testing

With this significant amount of detail needing to be analyzed, selecting the right test lab to complete your IEC 60068-2-14 temperature testing is critical. Keystone Compliance has developed an expertise in not just temperature testing, but assisting manufacturers to meet the temperature testing requirements.

Our expertise identifies the source of the problem and provides troubleshooting assistance to overcome any challenges. With numerous test chambers and dedicated report writers, we offer short lead times on scheduling a quick turnaround on reports.

Please contact us to receive a quote for your IEC 60068-2-14 temperature testing to learn why so many manufacturers partner with Keystone to meet their regulatory compliance test needs.   For more information on package temperature package testing, please visit the following links:


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