Individual packaged products and pallet integrity testing

ISTA 1E: Package Integrity Testing of Unitized Loads

ISTA 1E package testing evaluates unitized loads in transit. As an ISTA and ISO 17025 certified lab, we realize the importance of ISTA 1E unitized load package testing. Meeting the ISTA 1E requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process.

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Summary of ISTA 1E Regulatory Standard Transportation Testing

The ISTA 1 series of tests challenge the capability of a package and product to withstand transportation hazards.

More specifically, ISTA Procedure 1E is the requirement for testing unitized loads of the same product. This includes the testing of unitized loads, made up of either single or multiple products or packages of the same product such as single non-packaged machine banded to a pallet. This could include a corrugated tray, cap, or tube. Another example would be a shrink-wrapped or stretch-wrapped pallet of individual packages.

ISTA 1E testing is required by a number of retailers and distributors. This package integrity test procedure simulates the hazards experienced by pallets in the supply chain. The information gained can be insightful in determining how many units can safely be placed on a pallet. This test procedure can save significant money by reducing future product damage and product returns.

ISTA 1E Integrity Laboratory Testing Procedures

ISTA 1E is often used as the transit testing procedure for analyzing bulk shipments. The package standard requires packaged products to be tested for general simulation performance tests such as: conditioning and temperature validation, vibration, and shock.

The conditioning is for temperature and humidity. The goal is to test the package at ambient conditions. For this, the requirement is 12 hours.

The vibration testing can be either vertical linear fixed displacement or random vibration.

The shock includes horizontal impact, rotational edge drops, and incline impact. These are all alternative shock methods. The products only need to be tested to one of these.

It is important to note that rotary motion vibration is not acceptable. The fixed displacement vibration testing must be vertical linear motion.

The chart below outlines the test sequence for ISTA 1E:

Sequence #Test CategoryTest TypeFor ISTA Certification
1Atmospheric ConditioningTemperature and HumidityRequired
2VibrationVertical Linear Fixed DisplacementRequired
 Alternative Random Vibration
3ShockIncline (Conbur)Required
Alternative Horizontal Impact
4ShockRotational Edge DropRequired

Test Report

After the completion of ISTA 1e, a test report is created with the following information. The report should be detailed enough for accurate repeatability.

  • Description of product and shipping unit
  • Number of samples tested
  • Conditioning used (if any)
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Test results

ISTA 1E Unitized Load Package Testing Laboratory

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