ISTA Testing - Transportation Simulation Testing

ISTA Overview

ISTA package testing is the process of validating packages to ensure they meet industry standards for performance. As an ISTA-certified package test lab, Keystone Package Testing provides expert testing and guidance on the package validation process. We assist companies from the creation of the test plan to the issuance of the test report. Our team provides communication throughout the entire test program. From single packages to entire pallets, we have the equipment, knowledge and capabilities to meet every package testing need.

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Summary of Individual ISTA Package Testing Standards

There are many different ISTA test standards, which are divided into series.

ISTA Series 1: Non-Simulation Integrity Testing

  • ISTA 1A Packaged-Products weighing 150 lb (68 kg) or Less
  • ISTA 1B Packaged-Products weighing Over 150 lb (68 kg)
  • ISTA 1C Extended Testing for Individual Packaged-Products weighing 150 lb (68 kg) or Less
  • ISTA 1E Unitized Loads
  • ISTA 1G Packaged-Products weighing 150 lb (68 kg) or Less (Random Vibration)
  • ISTA 1H Packaged-Products weighing Over 150 lb (68 kg) (Random Vibration)

ISTA Series 2: Partial Simulation Integrity Testing

  • ISTA 2A Packaged-Products weighing 150 pounds (68kg) or less
  • ISTA 2B Packaged-Products weighing over 150 pounds (68kg)
  • ISTA 2C Package Testing for Furniture Packaging (Case Goods)

ISTA Series 3: General Simulation Integrity Testing

  • ISTA 3A Packaged-Products less than 150 pounds (68kg) for Parcel Delivery Shipments
  • ISTA 3B Packaged-Products for less-than-truckload shipments (LTL)
  • ISTA 3E Package Products in unitized loads for full truckload shipments. (FTL)
  • ISTA 3F Mixed Pallet Integrity
  • ISTA 3K Packaged products shipped through multiple retail supply chains.

ISTA Series 4: Enhanced Simulation Integrity Testing

ISTA Series 6: Member Performance Integrity Testing

ISTA 6 SAMSCLUB Packaged Products for Sams Club

  • Type A: Non-Perishable, Initially Shipped Palletized
  • Type B: Non-Perishable, Initially shipped large floor-loaded
  • Type C: Non-Perishable, Initially shipped small floor-loaded
  • Type D: Perishable, Initially shipped palletized

ISTA 6 – Packaged-Products shipped by Vendors to Amazon Fulfillment Centers

  • Type A: Less than 50 pounds (23kg) Parcel Delivery of Individual Packaged-Products
  • Type B: 50 Pounds *23kg) to less than 100 Pounds (45kg) Parcel Delivery of Individual Packaged-Products
  • Type C: 100 Pounds (45kg) or Greater – Parcel Delivery of Individual Packaged-Products
  • Type D: Less than 100 Pounds kg) – Less-Than-Truckload Delivery of Individual Packaged-Products (LTL)
  • Type E: 100 Pounds (45kg) or Greater – Less-Than-Truckload Delivery of Individual Packaged-Products (LTL)
  • Type F: Pallet Handling Method – Less-Than-Truckload Delivery of Individual Packaged-Products (LTL)
  • Type G: Less than 150 Pounds (68kg) TV/Monitors – Parcel Delivery of Individual Packaged-Products
  • Type H: 150 Pounds (68kg) or Greater – TV/Monitors – Less-Than-Truckload Delivery of Individual Packaged-Products (LTL)

ISTA 6 – Individual Packaged-Products weighing 70 Pounds (32kg) or less when prepared for e-commerce fulfillment by being over-boxed and shipped via a parcel delivery carrier.

ISTA 6 FedEx

ISTA Series 7: Development Integrity Testing

  • ISTA 7D Thermal Performance Testing of Packaged-Products to evaluate the effects of external temperature exposure.
  • ISTA 7E Evaluate the effects of external temperature exposures of individually packaged products shipped through a Parcel Delivery System.


ISTA Package Testing


ISTA Test Types and Procedures

The charts below indicate the different ISTA test types. If you are not sure what kind of testing is best for your product, request a quote and our testing engineers will help you through the process.

Test DescriptionPackaged Products Weighing ≤ 150 lbs.
Fixed Displacement Vibration  
Random Vibration Test  
Random Vibration Under Low PressureN/AN/AOptional  
Inclined Impact Test   
Shock Testing
Atmospheric Preconditioning  
Atmospheric ConditioningOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional


Test DescriptionPackaged Products Weighing > 150 lbs.
Fixed Displacement Vibration  
Random Vibration 
Compression Test   
Inclined Impact 
Shock Testing
Atmospheric Preconditioning 
Atmospheric ConditioningOptionalOptionalOptional


Test DescriptionUnitized Loads (Palletized)Furniture
Fixed Displacement Vibration   
Random Vibration
Compression Test   
Inclined Impact Test 
Shock Testing
Atmospheric Preconditioning
Atmospheric ConditioningOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional


Test Description3K7D7E
Random Vibration  
Atmospheric PreconditioningOptionalOptional
Atmospheric ConditioningOptional


ISTA has developed standards related to specific companies such as Sam’s Club and Amazon. The Sam’s Club standard is 6SAMSCLUB. and ISTA have partnered to create standards specific to fulfilling Amazon’s E-Commerce needs.

The two primary Amazon package testing standards are ISTA and ISTA These standards include some other types of testing such as drop testing, temperature testing, rotational edge drop, and palletized load testing. Often, the test protocol will depend on the size of the package and ista weight requirement.

Why is ISTA Package Testing and Transportation Testing Important?

ISTA package testing is essential for ensuring product integrity, reducing costs, complying with regulations, promoting sustainability, and enhancing customer satisfaction. The data-supported reasoning demonstrates the tangible benefits package testing brings to businesses and their stakeholders, making it an indispensable practice in modern supply chains.

Ensuring Product Integrity

Package testing plays a vital role in ensuring that products remain intact and undamaged during transportation. By subjecting packages to various tests, it ensures that the products inside are safeguarded from potential damage and reach the end-user in optimal condition.

Cost Reduction

Proper package testing can lead to reduced product damage during transit, which translates to lower costs for manufacturers, retailers, and customers. Reduced product damage means fewer returns, replacements, and refunds, saving money for all stakeholders involved.

Regulatory Compliance

Many industries have specific regulations and standards for package testing to ensure safety during transportation. Complying with these standards is essential to avoid legal issues and maintain business credibility.

Expert ISTA Package Integrity Compliance Testing

As an ISTA certified lab, Keystone Package Testing is proud to provide customers with reliable testing and ISTA reports. With international accreditation, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround time, Keystone is the right package testing partner. Our testing engineers are experienced and have a thorough knowledge of industry standards. They are prepared to guide you through the package testing process. Let’s get started! Request a quote or contact us at (724) 657-9940.

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