ISTA Series 1 Package Integrity Testing

ISTA Series 1: Package Integrity Testing to Evaluate Performance During Transport

International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) Series 1 is the most basic category of performance tests, defined as Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Tests. The tests challenge the strength and robustness of the product and package combination. “ISTA Series 1 tests simulate the hazards packages are likely to encounter during transport and storage. The ISTA Series 1 package integrity tests are not simulations of actual transport hazards. Additionally, they will not necessarily comply with carrier packaging regulations.

ISTA transit and transportation testing can help shorten package development time and increase confidence in product launches. The products will be better protected resulting in less damage during transportation and fewer returns which leads to higher profits. Less damage will increase customer satisfaction.

Series 1 protocols can reasonably be expected to be screening tests. Screening tests are used to avoid serious problems in shipment, usually damage to the product. Screening can limit the chances of serious transportation damage. The tests are widely accepted and beneficial.

Furthermore, the ISTA Series 1 testing standards challenge the strength and robustness of the product and package combination. The tests are not designed to simulate environmental occurrences. However, ISTA 1 testing is particularly useful as screening tests especially when used as a consistent benchmark over time.

Why is ISTA Series 1 Testing Important?

ISTA Series 1 package integrity testing is a critical tool that companies can use to ensure that their packaging is robust and fit for purpose. It provides a standardized way to measure package performance, which can lead to cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced sustainability efforts.

Damage Prevention

ISTA Series 1 testing checks the durability of packaging and helps ensure that it can protect the product during transit. This can help companies prevent product damage, which can be costly both in terms of replacement costs and potential damage to the company’s reputation.

Quality Assurance

ISTA Series 1 testing is a recognized standard for package integrity. By using these tests, companies can demonstrate their commitment to quality and to ensuring that their products reach customers in good condition.


By identifying weaknesses in packaging before products are shipped, ISTA Series 1 testing can help companies avoid the costs associated with product damage, returns, and customer dissatisfaction. This can ultimately lead to significant savings.

Customer Satisfaction

When a product arrives damaged, it can negatively impact a customer’s experience with the company. By ensuring that packaging is able to protect the product effectively, companies can improve customer satisfaction.

ISTA Series 1 Test Standards

The tests included in this series are: 

  • ISTA 1A Packaged-Products weighing 150 lb or Less
  • ISTA 1B Packaged-Products weighing Over 150 lb
  • ISTA 1C Packaged-Products weighing 150 lb or Less
  • ISTA 1D Packaged-Products Weighing Over 150 pounds
  • ISTA 1E Unitized Loads
  • ISTA 1G Packaged-Products weighing 150 lb or Less (Random Vibration) 
  • ISTA 1H Packaged-Products weighing Over 150 lb (Random Vibration)

Expert ISTA Series 1 Packaging Testing Laboratory

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