ISTA Series 1: Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Tests

ISTA Series 1 are the most basic category of performance tests. The tests challenge the capability of the package and product to withstand transport hazards. They are not simulations of actual transport hazards. They will not necessarily comply with carrier packaging regulations. ISTA transit testing can help shorten package development time and increase confidence in product launches. The products will be better protected resulting in less damage during transportation and less returns which leads to higher profits. Less damage will increase customer satisfaction.

Series 1 protocols can reasonably be expected to be screening tests. Screening tests are used to avoid serious problems in shipment, usually damage to the product. Screening can limit the chances of serious transportation damage. The tests are widely accepted and beneficial.

Series 1 tests challenge the strength and robustness of the product and package combination. The tests are not designed to simulate environmental occurrences. Particularly useful as screening tests especially when used as a consistent benchmark over time.

The tests included in this series are:



Other ISTA testing: