ISTA Series 3: General Simulation Performance Tests

ISTA Series 3 tests are advanced tests that are designed to challenge the capability of the package and product to withstand transportation hazards. The tests utilize general simulation of actual transport packages. They will not necessarily comply with carrier packaging regulations. ISTA testing can help shorten package development time and increase confidence in product launches. The products will be better protected resulting in less damage during transportation and less returns which leads to higher profits. Less damage will increase customer satisfaction.

Series 3 transit tests are designed to provide a laboratory simulation of the general damage-producing motions, forces, conditions, and sequences of transport environments. Applicable across broad sets of circumstances, such as a variety of vehicle types and routes, or a varying number of handling exposures. Characteristics will include simple shaped random vibration, different drop heights applied to the sample package, and/or atmospheric conditioning.

The tests included in this series are:



Other ISTA testing: