QVC - ISTA Package Integrity Testing

QVC Package & Labeling Guidelines in Partnership with ISTA

ISTA has partnered with retailers like QVC to create guidelines specific to their distribution channel. They have developed a testing protocol that will address their needs. The bulk of their standard is meant for liquids however, they also pay close attention to labeling.

Summary of QVC Package Transportation Compliance

QVC has zero-tolerance for leakage policy- especially for hazardous materials. Such leaks cause damage to other products throughout distribution. Therefore, QVC has special requirements for liquids to ensure that they are properly packaged and labeled. In order to comply, QVC has the following required criteria:

  1. Packaging must be designed to contain and protect the contents from damage and leakage. Glass, metal, or plastic containers are immobilized and cushioned within the corrugated shipping container.
  2. Vendor must select the appropriate cap liner (gasket) and inner seal for the closure system so that it will pass all tests and specifications.
  3. At QVC discretion, a letter certifying compatibility of the chemical contents and container.
  4. All liquids containing 8 fluid ounces or more per plastic polymer container must have a high-quality induction seal
  5. Bottle/closure systems not allowing for an induction seal must comply with ASTM D3078 Standard test method for determination of leaks in flexible packaging by bubble emissions
  6. All liquids containing 8 fluid ounces and more must be packaged in a vendor reshipper
  7. Liquids intended to be dispensed with a spray nozzle must have the nozzle packaged separately from the bottle
  8. Glass containers/bottles are not required to have an induction seal, however, QVC discourages this type of packaging
  9. The vendor must include the material safety data sheet along with all submitted first-piece QA samples.

QVC ships almost all of its products via small parcel distribution systems. Due to this, QVC will require some products to be tested using ISTA Test Method 3A because it more closely represents the intensities and hazards that can be found in the distribution of parcel packages. This type of testing must be done at a third-party lab like Keystone Package Testing who has ISTA certification. QVC has published an extensive list of products that must be tested for ISTA 3A. This list includes but is not limited to:

  • Accessories- jewelry
  • Bath
  • Candles and scents
  • Collectibles
  • Computers
  • Consumer electronics
  • Cookware/ Bakeware
  • Decorative accents
  • Dinnerware
  • Furniture
  • Health and fitness
  • Holiday and party shop
  • Home environment
  • Kitchen electrics
  • Kitchen tools, accessories, and flatware
  • Laundry and Closet
  • Lighting department
  • Outdoor living
  • Storage and organization
  • Television

The ISTA 3A protocol that QVC adheres to includes atmospheric preconditioning, atmospheric conditioning, shock, vibration, and a second shock. After the lab completes the testing, they will provide a report that must be forwarded to QVC to show compliance. QVC will then approve the product.

QVC also has “small bag” package testing requirements. To qualify for this type of test, the package must meet the following criteria: volume less than 800 cubic inches, longest dimension is 14 inches or less, and weight is 10 lbs or less. This testing protocol is a combination of ISTA 1A and 3A.

Expert QVC Package Integrity Testing

As an ISTA internationally accredited testing lab, Keystone has the capabilities to help any QVC vendor meet the requirements. Our experience and knowledge of the industry and ISTA standards helps ensure that you are receiving the best service. With quick turn around times and globally accepted reports, Keystone is the right package testing partner. Contact us today or request a quote to get started!


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